bedbugs are ruining my life

my hell with bedbugs and how im going to handle them

Friday, August 19, 2005


so i spoke to orkin becasue my other exterminator was too cheap to be good. $175 and a few little treatments does nothing for my peace of mind.

they tell me to prepare my bedrooms by standing mattress and boxspring against the wall and wash and clean everything that was in my drawers or floor.

after fiance lets them in the door and agrees to the $1200 dollar contract, i arrive at the house, fiance goes to work, and i oversee what they are doing, hysterically crying. i cant stop crying.
fiance is bitten so bad- he scratched and its all infected and bubbled over. its soo gross and what makes me so upset is that i bought these fuckers in my house and its my fault.

my bites are not bad but his are horrible. i am soo sad for him. he says to not worry that it will be ok but i cant stop thinking about how horrible this situation is and how bad his arms look.
it just makes me sick when he is hurting. i wish i was the one with the bad reaction. i hate hate hate these things.

so orkin sprayed shit everywhere along the entire house and outside. im going to LI to visit family this weeekend. ill stop in the house after work but I cant wait to get to LI and sleep in a bed where i can fall alseep without worrying.

we spend alot fo money on this house, and on contractors nad painting to make it look nice. we spent our money on the nice furniture and pretty decorations i have. just when i was so proud to call this place my home, whenever i get there i feel like i am walking into hell. no it does not get better.

i hope that this weekend i can get things off my mind. were going to order food in on LI, and im going to take sleeping pills early so I can sleep late. i am running on empty with the lack of sleep that i have.

i will never look at my house the same way again. ever.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

my first post - scared and ready for revenge

im starting to share my story because i need a vent and maybe can help people.
please excute the poor grammar and spelling that will follow.
here goes...
i went to chicago on business and stayed at a very nice hotel. the #2 hotel on trip
i thought the room was great- clean, new hotel, etc. i woke up on my 2nd night there with red welts on my arms. 5 on one and 1 on the other. since i have sensitive skin, i thought i was
allergic to the aveda products they supplied me for the shower. i bought itch cream in in the way home.

when i get home, i bring my bag to my bedroom and go out. i get home and i change for dinner out. i think i went into my bag to get a bra maybe, and I left the bag open.

we get back from dinner and i go to bed with my warm fiance. i am so happy to be in my bed.
the next morning i do some research on my bites. i am in utter dismay!!!!!!!!!!!!! its fucking bedbugs!!!!!!!!!!! so i run into my room, grab my bag, empty it out, and take all the clothes out and wash them. fiance wakes up with a few bites. i freak out even more. those fucking bastards
crawled into my suitcase and are now in my room!!!!!!!!
i take all the sheets off and throw them in the wash. then i vacuum the bed and steam it. i vacuum the floor. im totally freaking.

the next night fiance tihnks bed is fine so he sleeps in it. he gets bitten again! worse than last night!! so im really scared at this point. im going crazy crying and freaking out.
i cann an exterminator and he says he will come on tuesday (the next day). i sleep that night in
the living room with the lights on while he sleeps in the guest noom. no bites. thank god.

at this point i still have not seen one bug or a sign of a bug until the afternoon of monday when i spotted a dead dried on on my blanket in the bedroom.

i leave work on the morning the exterminator comes, so i can meet him at the house. he sprays the mattress and put powder around the cracks. i go back to work obsessing. i decide to become a bedbug expert.

tuesday night i sleep half of the night in the living room and the next night in the guest bedroom with fiance. i feel so bad because this bedbug thing is already hurting us. i am not my self, i keep crying uncontrollably and i am very stressed. he seems more ok with it. call me crazy but blood sucking bugs that come out at night kinda scare me.

wednesday mornig i wake with no bites and fiance has none either. wednesday all day i read about bedbugs. i read and post on different sites looking for answers. i am thinknig i have to wash everything in that room and store is separately. alot of work to do.

wednesday evening o go home ot change clothes. i head to a bbq at my boss house. i get drunk and they let me stay. how nice it was to sleep in a safe bed. i wake up. no bites, but then i worry, what if i wore clothes from my closet and bugs were in the clothes? now im sitting at work with a big red itchy mark on my chest. it could be a mosquito from the bbq (i hope).

i decide in my mind that the exterminator did not do a thorough enough job. i order $75 worth of chemicals from the "do it yourself pest control" online store. when those items arrive next week, those fucking bastards will get his so bad they wont know what fucking hit them.
i am miserable.

tonight i will sleep at home with fiance. tomorrow i am heading to long island to pick out bridesmaid dresses for my wedding in april. i usually prefer being at home, but this weekend, i cant wait to be on long island.